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Who is Kathryn Lockwood?

I'm a Aussie violist living in New York with my wonderful husband, Yousif Sheronick and my beautiful daughter, Surriah. 

I have a wide variety of wonderful work opportunities; my string quartet, Lark Quartet, my viola/percussion duo, duojalal, a teaching position at Umass/Amherst, and lots of great summer festivals where I have the opportunity to play with wonderful artists such as Toby Appel, Adam Neiman, Alexis Gerlach and more. 

Next Concert

Lark has a busy fall with both quartet only concerts and concerts with Yousif. I'm also playing a duoJalal concert in Wisconsin and a Brandenburg concert with Larry Dutton and more for the Hoch Chamber Music Series in Bronxville, NY.    See for more info. 

What's happening now?

Learning and revisiting lots of great repertoire like Dvorak 106, Brahms Viola quintet and Haydn Op. 20/2.  Plus learning two new Hindemith Sonatas for Viola - 1937 and Op. 20/4 as two of my UMass students are preparing these for recitals. 

On the home front, our attic still isn't complete which is unbelievably frustrating and Surriah is deciding between being a Cheetah and a witch for halloween.  I think the Cheetah is pulling ahead. 


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