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Who is Kathryn Lockwood?

I'm a Aussie violist living in New York with my wonderful husband, Yousif Sheronick and my beautiful daughter, Surriah. 

I have a wide variety of wonderful work opportunities; my string quartet, Lark Quartet, my viola/percussion duo, duojalal, a teaching position at Umass/Amherst, and lots of great summer festivals. 

Next Concert

My next concert is in Boone NC - Sunday July 20 and 22 

And then down under the week after for the Australian Festival of Chamber Music with duoJalal ( - August 1st – August 9th 2014

What's happening now?

Just finished 8 weeks of renovation of converting the attic space to a beautiful new room. And since it's summer, lots of cleaning of windows and weeding the garden. 

Plus, spending lots of time with the family :)

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