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Who is Kathryn Lockwood?

I'm a Aussie violist living in New York with my wonderful husband, Yousif Sheronick and my beautiful daughter, Surriah. 

I have a wide variety of wonderful work opportunities; my string quartet, Lark Quartet, my viola/percussion duo, duojalal, teaching positions at Umass/Amherst and at Cali School of Music at Montclair State University and lots of great summer festivals where I have the opportunity to play with wonderful artists such as Toby Appel, Adam Neiman, Alexis Gerlach and more. 

Next Concert

Lark is off to Shelter Island on Labor Day week-end and I'm looking forward to seeing the end of Long Island.  I'm also heading down to Virginia twice this fall with both Lark and duoJalal, and then upstate NY twice . . .. .  there's lots of driving for me in my future.  See for more info. 

What's happening now?

August 27, 2015: I'm making the last days of summer count and enjoying swimming, gardening and spending time with my family.  You were probably expecting a work related spiel? 

OK!  Of course work is always there and right now I'm enjoying revisiting Beethoven Opus 132.  It's a classic :)

Oh and for you halloween lovers, Surriah is going to be a zebra this year.  She has the costume and looks fabulous. 


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